We believe in giving back, so that is why we want to give as much as we can to the users that contribute to the site. Right now we are giving away 1 $25 dollar amazon gift card every 7 days.

That’s right. Every week we will announce and contact a winner to receive a $25 dollar Amazon gift card . We will post the winners here

We will send the Amazon gift card to the email the user used to sign up. We will purchase the Amazon gift card from the official link, shown here.


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When you make the review and signup you should receive an email saying that you are eligible to receive the $25 gift card. When the 7 days are up and it’s time to announce the winner hopefully you will be the one that gets the email that says something like “congratulations, you are this week’s winner.” (you will have 30 hours to respond to that email or you will forfeit your winner status)

If you have not received an email after you have made a review please let us know through our feedback page .

Every week you will have a chance to win another $25 card if you make at least one review and if you are already signed up.

This giveaway is only planned to be available for 2 more months so please take advantage of this opportunity now.

You are eligible if you signup through creating your own username and password, google, Facebook, or Twitter.

You must be a signed up user to be eligible for this program. You cannot be an anonymous user. You will not be eligible if you click “skip” when you are prompted to sign up after you make your review .


  • Search for a company to make a review eather in the searchbar at the top of the page or here
  • Go to the create page of the company
  • fill in ther review questions on the create page. ex: overall rating, review title, and review text
  • When modal window pops up fill in the form (that asks for username, email, password) then click "signup"
  • Instead of filling in the form you can click social media icons like, Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Can't find a company you want to make a review for. You can request to add a businesses

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Disclaimer: We will be using the “Amazon.com eGift Cards” from the official Amazon website . We will enter the winner’s email address and and the winner should be sent the gift card automatically. If you have any difficulty using the gift card or if it is not received, it is not on us and we will take no responsibility to rectify the situation. If Amazon fails to hold up on their side it is not the fault of reviewdrill.com.