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Why make a review for online store?

Buying products online can be nerve wrecking because sometimes we don’t know if a website is legit or if your product will come on time. What happens when the store messes up and they just don’t seem to care to rectify the problem? Who can you turn to? What can you do to get the upper hand when you have been wronged?

First, if you have been wronged by the company and it impacted you financially you should call up your credit card company to dispute the charges. A lot of credit card companies will refund your money if your product never arrives or the product was misrepresented and they don’t allow returns.

Letting people know about your experience can be a great way to relieve stress and help other at the same time. This article explains why you might want to make a review.

Get payback at the company that did you wrong.

By making a negative review for a company you can negatively impact the store that did you wrong. For example let’s say John buys a sports jersey from a website and they sent him a t-shirt. John looks for a phone number on the site and couldn’t find it. He then sees an email address, so he shoots the company an email. The company finally gets back to him 3 days later giving him the runaround saying that is John's fault for receive the T-shirt. This type of behavior happens all the time when shopping online. And now it’s time for customers to unite and work together.

If John shares his experience by making a review he will be letting the world know what it is like to shop at the company. Not only will he be helping other out by providing important information about how the company treats their customers, this will hopefully negatively impact the stores sales because less people will shop at the store. Shoppers like you should unite together to promote great stores that respect us. This is why reviewdrill.com was built and why you should make a review.
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We also need to give credit when credit is due by promoting good stores that treat customers right.

Let’s say Sarah is looking to buy a desk online and finds a website. They make it very easy for Sarah to visualize how the desk would look in her space. But she has a questions about the dimensions , sees that the customer service number is very visible on the site so she calls the number and a very friendly customer service agent answers all her question without trying to collect data or sell her on something.

Sarah is so happy about the great service of the online furniture store she wants tell people how great the store is so she goes to a review site like reviewdrill.com and leaves her positive feedback there. She even showed a picture of how great the new desk looks in her room.

People will now see that store that Sarah shopped at was a great experience and will prefer to shop at the store as opposed to others.