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How To Get The Most Out Of Customer Service
We’ve all been there – that undeniable moment when we finally resort to calling customer service for an issue we just can’t solve. The battle to speak to a human, the deafening sound of Muzac, and the fear of being cut off are universal truths associated with these usually miserable phone calls. However,Read more
5 online scams to look out for while shopping online
We live in an incredible time where it’s normal to order an entire week’s worth of groceries from the comfort of one’s couch. Like anything, the phenomenon of online shopping brings with it pros and cons. How can you trust an online store to deliver your product? Will it arrive in tact and on time? Read more
10 situations that drive retail employees crazy
You know how the old saying goes... “the customer is always right.” Well if you ask anyone that’s ever worked in retail, they might beg to differ. While it’s a customer service mantra we’ve lived by for years, we’ve all had those Read more
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